Celebrity Shakes

Katherine Heigl surprise engagement
Many a male suitor have been turned down by enchantress Katherine Heigl for years. It wasn't until a normally bashful Josh Kelley figured how exactly how to make her trip !

"No expense was spared; absolutely the best would do and knew it had to work! " said the smitten Josh.

Seen here is the ring making all the woman of Hollywood green with envy.

The multi million piece is cut from pure emerald, and garnished with two dimond/emerald eyes. Painstaking detail to attention was required to create the perfect facsimile of Uncle O'Grimacey.

"You know, I never thought it would happen to me - and Uncle O...of course!" said a gleeful Kate.

Yes, yes it did, the newly green couple has a date set for March 17, with shakes all around... of course.
Source: hidden shamrockshake.com pages